Balinares (balinares) wrote,

Okay, so today, I managed to get myself to pull out my equipment, sit down, and paint.

This is a first.

This is actually a big deal for me. Usually, a combination of inertia, procrastination, and a deep-rooted feeling of not able to make it work, utterly keeps me from actually sitting and making things.

And, holy poodle on a tricycle, that project is watercolors. Watercolors are my archnemesis. (It's a long story, one that involves a lot of blotches, stains, frustration and disgust.) Well, while I can't claim to have beaten them into submission just yet, today at least, I managed to fiddle-niggle them into, shall I say, a moderate level of grudging cooperation, which fills me with more glee than I can coherently express. Take that, watercolors.

Not sure how that came to be. Probably some combination of taking a day off with the explicit purpose of attempting to paint, and working myself up to it all weekend. That, and my teacher is real good, yeah.

This evening I also had a martial arts exam, which I went into somewhat glumly on account of really not having the energy for that kind of thing lately. (I get wheezy within two minutes of having started, and within five minutes, my limbs are shaking. Damn you, limbs.)

But hey, today I've tackled water-based painting, so what are a kata and a few complicatedly-named moves? Somehow, I passed not one grade, but two. (Lots of wheezing and limbs shaking ensued.) From within their box, the watercolors are staring in silent shock. Glee!

That has to be the most productive day off I've taken since my first blotch.

(Yes, complicatedly is a word, I checked.)
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