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EF Highlights - Balinares — LiveJournal

Sep. 11th, 2007

12:35 am - EF Highlights

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Quick highlights from EF:

– God, I'm so, so tired. Rushing out of work to then spend hours in the car, and then half the next day driving as well, sucked. But hey, seeing as it was that or miss EF, I guess it was worth it. But I'm so damn tired.

– Things I was worried about went WAY better than I dared hope, mostly thanks to the awesomeness of those involved. (And yes, if you think this means you, then it almost certainly does.) ♥

– The convention is definitely losing the cozy, intimate feel it used to have, where you could go and join groups of people you didn't know and make friends in minutes. It's just too big for that, I guess. This being said, the hotel was very nice.

– I attended next to no SIG, and was underwhelmed by those I did. Perhaps my interest in the fandom's thematics is shifting instead to its people themselves, who knows. I spent a LOT of time just hanging out with people and playing board and card games, at any rate.

– My bottle of Chartreuse was once again hugely popular. I think I'll make it a personal tradition to bring one every year if I can!

– Other bits of organizational stuff felt, how could I put it... perhaps not as smoothly run as when the con was smaller? I don't know. There was a LOT of waiting at the art show pickup and before the Pawpet Show. Not that I'm blaming anyone, mind; things went pretty darn fine, all in all.

– The Pawpet Show took a definite turn toward more adult themes, and pulled it off with flying colors. Perhaps their best ever, possibly surpassing even that of EF 10.

– Art show was perhaps a bit underwhelming (or perhaps it is just me growing jaded? :)), although I did score a coupla nice pieces, one of which I got for a real bargain, considering how great it is, and how insanely high some other pieces went for.

– Speaking of which, that skunkette had an absolutely adorable expression, and the texture of her tail fur was lovely, but there were definite anatomic issues in the composition, with her legs in particular, and I was just not bidding more than what I already had. This being said, the massage was most excellent. *coughs!*

– Oh, and, I'm, err, just simply not very comfortable on stages, in case you were wondering. :)

All in all, a most excellent time was had.

And now we'll be off onto the roads again, because we're still in vacation, and will be departing toward the Atlantic coast of France tomorrow. Although I'm very much not looking forward to more driving, honestly.


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Date:September 15th, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
> Thank you for all the fun ^.^

And the same to you! :D

> I don't think we waited that long for the pawpet show. It was actually
> worst previous years :)

I don't remember. Presumably, waiting SITTING took the edge off it. *g*

> I don't think it's too big for that, but maybe the hotel make it you
> feel like it?

Nah, I already felt like it last year. Mind, I didn't say it's impossible to make new friends. :) Just, the particularly nice feel of EFX is, I think, a thing of the past.

> And yum, Chartreuse... Now I want a bottle of my own ^.^

Thankfully you live in the right country for that. :D I usually get mine right at the supermarket, although if you have trouble getting some for whatever reason, no worries, I can get you a bottle. :)
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Date:September 12th, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
Il y a qui au boulot cette semaine alors ? :)
J'espere que J. est de retour sinon j'imagine pas l'état de T. et A. à mon retour lundi :)
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Date:September 15th, 2007 05:25 pm (UTC)
N'oublie pas Fabio en plus. Mais oui, je crois que Javier est rentré.
Note bien que c'est usant même quand on est tous là, de toute façon, hein.
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