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So there exists, somewhere, someone who figured they had something very important to contribute to a very old post of mine, dated from years ago. The information was of such importance they had to post anonymously.

The title of their post is, quote, 'JpecZJEkfwtVmngJk'.

The content of their post is, quote, 'a6a7d2745ee994377352f07b209ce0d6'.

Alright... so.

Might be spam... but if so, that has the most obscure spam EVER. Aren't they supposed to point you to their site or something?

On the other hand:

That the post's contents is a valid hexadecimal string would tend to show that the post is not absolutely random. The relatively low entropy of title corroborates that idea.

That the length of the title covers almost exactly the length of the hexadecimal string, once decoded to ASCII, actually makes me think of one-time-pad encryption.

In other words: What. The. Fuck.

I am baffled. :) Any ideas?

[Edit: A winner is growf, who did the clever thing and offered a suitably plausible explanation. Thank you, growf. :)]
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