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Okay, first of all, this is mostly cathartic venting for my own benefit, so please don't read too much into it. I'm doing fine. Kind of tensed and with unpleasant black things wanting to bubble up in the back of my head, but really, I'm fine. But I figured I was perhaps in more need of venting than I had thought when I caught myself unjustly snapping at a coworker who did nothing wrong, nothing more than writing some tool that obsoletes one I did a while ago (yeah, so I'm growing uncomfortably insecure about my work, what a surprise).

Right, so. Yeah, I've not been online much lately, but not without reason. Lots of tiny things going very slightly wrong, most of which independently insignificant, but the accumulation is starting to wear me down.

Some of you know where I live: a charming little rural town in the middle of the forest. Lots of cool community activities getting done, such as celtic dances and songs, trekking, and of course my martial arts lessons. It has a charming little church next to the charming little school and, as I've once reported, has been featured a few times in charming little TV series.

Hell, the place's name probably means "the quiet place in the forest", etymologically.

Surely that's the dream place to grow up, right? Mooch candy off the neighborhood, run about the woods all day long, learn all manners of cool things about wildlife?

Well, apparently not. I guess that when you're determined to be a victim of that terrible unfair society and use it as your excuse for everything -- that's the hip thing lately, y'know -- nothing's gonna stop you.

My car got broken into while I was at my martial arts lesson two weeks ago. Bent door, shattered window.

Apparently the town officials know the kids who did it, and the similar acts of gratuitous damage that have been committed lately in the town as well, but eh, without proof, which in this case would amount to catching them red-handed, nothing they can do.

I took it mostly with a shrug, honestly. Fucked up kids are something about which to be sad, not angry.

Still, the following week was damn draining. Get organized with one car for the two of us around our complicated, mismatched schedules; get in touch with the insurance company, learn that I must press charges at the Gendarmerie before they'll do anything; get up early so I can find the Gendarmerie's service where you're supposed to press charges open before work, discover they want to see the broken car, drive back home and come back with that car; get home with the paper; drive to work with the other car, fax the paper to the insurance company; obtain a first appointment with their most local partnered repair shop; have them decide whether it's anything the insurance company will pay for; obtain an appointment to get the car fixed; drive the car there early before work; wait patiently for them to be done; receive a phone call where they tell me there'll be a delay because the car manufacturer -- which happens to be my client at work and thus already a recurring pain in my ass -- shipped them the wrong parts; FINALLY go pick up the repaired car and discover that the insurance company left me with a large deductible to pay from my pocket.

All this took well over a week of managing the complicated logistics of it all around working hours. Tired? Yah.

I was hoping to relax some on a horse's back during the weekend, but the course had been canceled and they forgot to call me about it. So I just watched then end of another course and then went and groomed Bacchus, just because.

Anyway. With the car fixed, I could see to my current business: obtain the last of the hardware I needed to organize weekly backups of my and Caroline's data.

So a good chunk of time got spent tracking down an external USB hard-drive enclosure to use with the spare HD that will serve as backup drive.

Except there was NOT ONE to be found in any of the stores I went to. Come back in a few days, sir, they said, we're expecting a shipment. But the shipment didn't come.

Okay. So. Guess what happens when you're trying to hunt down some piece of hardware to backup your data but can't find the damn thing anywhere even though it was plentiful not long ago?

And yes. You guessed right.

My main HD died last week. I lost everything that wasn't on the old disk from my previous machine. Bits of writing, pieces of code, personal email, recent photos -- all gone.

The day after, there were external USB HD enclosures in store.

So, uh, yeah, I guess I'm a bit tense.

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