Balinares (balinares) wrote,

On the wing.

So, consecutively to the other day's dream, I researched Australian species of white birds of prey, and much to my surprise, those do exist.

In my search for which bird resembled that of my dream closest, I ended up hesitating between the White Goshawk (accipiter novaehollandiae) and the Letter-Winged Kite (elanus scriptus). But I didn't have to hesitate long, because I soon knew it could only be ...

The letter-winged kite.

For a simple reason: this is the only one of the two of which I could find pictures on the wing. And flight is an essential part of the imagery there.

I love the looks of this bird, and am considering making it my official oneiric totem, on account that I can, and that, being who I am, I need that kind of whimsy.

Consequently: new icon.

Gotta love the poetic vacuity of Livejournal, sometimes. :)
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