Balinares (balinares) wrote,

Guilty memeage.

A good while ago, ladyperegrine wrote a wonderful little poem, and shatterstripes made a wonderful little sketch, both for me. That was part of one of the nicest memes I've seen, and it goes like this:

Respond to this post and I'll pick two things from your LJ interests,
and draw something to tickle them. No, you don't get to pick. I get to pick.

If you respond, you get to pick up the torch and do this in your LJ too. I
dunno what you have to do if you're a non-artist. Come up with a clever
variant, or make yourself draw anyway! Write haiku or something!

Please do note, though: I CAN'T DRAW WORTH SHIT. At best, you'll get stick figures, or perhaps a haiku, as suggested, or a small poem, or whatnot. It'll probably take me ages to get it done, too. The point is more that I'd get to do something personal for those of you guys who'd like me to (and some of you -- you know who you are -- better take part if you don't want your butts bitten :)), something where the fact it's been done matters more than the end result itself. (Sometimes what is being done matters less than how it's been done, in what spirit. You know.)

I exonerate you from the part where you have to propagate the meme, of course. You should do it because you want to, not because you're asked to.

And I like to think it's worth it.

Still, for those who believe in magic,
it's an excuse to run across a field, arms waving...
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