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I only discovered the existence of those little marvels yesterday; they were talking about it on the radio while I was driving to work, and I looked it up online when I came back home that evening.

Now, please consider this. Is there anything that screams "I WANT THIS!" louder than robot velociraptor that can nip at your fingers and prey on your toes and play tug'o'war with you and nuzzle into your hand when you pet it?

Today was consequentially devoted to FINDING ONE. You know, for wrapping up and affixing a label with my name to the package and putting underneath a fir tree.

Not a single shop around has it. Everyone but me knew about them, it seems. It's sold out EVERYWHERE. Then they restocked and it sold out again in one day, as a shop assistant happily informed me.

Interestingly, there's also an anthropoid and a dog robot, and they're not selling anywhere near as well. What the hell? I thought there'd only be a minority of the like of me, who vastly favor the raptor over the other sorts. Apparently not. Mreh.

(More interestingly, there were a LOT of dragon-themed toys at the shops. No idea why, but it's a trend I can only approve of.)

Still, there I am, looking bleakly at a raptorless Christmas. Unfair! I wish I had heard about those babies earlier.

In other news, I'm still in unsteady spirits, and might post a more personal entry later, but don't hold your breath. I've noticed that I've become a lot more withdrawn when in that sort of mood, as of late, but that might, all in all, not be a negative change.
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