January 30th, 2012


It's the darnedest thing.

The wonkiest thing happened this morning.

In lieu of ads at the train station, there were large posters from the European Commission. The contents, paraphrased: "You have RIGHTS. If you trip is turning to nightmare, contact the Commission at this URL or call this toll-free number."

Also, this morning, for the first time ever, the train ran early.

Sometimes there are such freaky coincidences...

EDIT: Ok, guys, you've GOT to check this out.

This evening, the train left exactly on time, arrived exactly on time. With about a third the usual number of seats.

So people had to twist themselves between the seats and other people to even fit. Even after three stops worth of people getting off, it was still crammed full.

Yes, they can legally do that. No, the European Commission can't do jack about that.

I see what they did there. We all saw what they did there.

Or maybe, you know, this is another coincidence.

But I'm beginning to wonder how one can get organized to address such coincidences frontally.