September 6th, 2010


(no subject)

So. Made it to EF in the end, and had an absolutely great time. So great that the intervening news about my car did almost not ruin my day.

In a nutshell: my car is dead. It's indeed the head gasket. The garage says it was fine when they looked at it, so it's not their fault or anything, honest. Repairing it will set me back several grand. More than the car's worth.

So I'm now sitting at home on unpaid vacation (I hope: my boss has not replied yet) and considering my options. I may have to rush and buy a new car blindly within a couple days at most, because each day I can't get to work is a day I'm not getting paid.

Between that and the great time I had at the convention, I may be headed for some serious PCD, but you know what? At least I was lucky the car broke before I left for EF, even mere hours before. Because it wouldn't have survived the trip, and I would have found myself stranded somewhere in Europe, who knows how many kilometers from home, not to mention the convention center.

Now I'll see to the car issue, and then I'll post highlights of EF, because it was my best con to date and that's what I want to remember of this time.