February 17th, 2010

aw crap

And it starts.

Day 2 of new job. Day 2 of commute.

This morning, I arrived at the railroad station to find it packed with people.

Trains from much earlier in the morning were still up on the timetable screens, next to the mention 'delay', itself next to the word 'indeterminate'. Which I do believe should be understood to mean, "canceled, but we're not gonna admit to it lest you guys riot and behead some king or other".

Eventually they brought in an old, clunky tin can of a train, not even one that was scheduled, as far as I can tell, and already full of people; and the station's crowd, yours truly among the lot, flocked into the train and attempted to fit its sullen mass within the available space.

By some crazy luck, after coursing the whole train I managed to find myself a seat. Many weren't so lucky.

And then the train started. And soon stopped. And started again, slow and hesitant, as if in some kind of mystic terror of the scheduling void within which its unplanned course took place. And then it stopped some more, for good measure. Bah, I had a seat and a book, and didn't get in trouble for arriving way late, so I can't complain.

Word is that a train engine caught fire in some station somewhere north of Paris, causing ripples of woe! and missed schedule! within a 100 mile radius. No, I didn't know train engines did that either.

Then again, some mornings do make spontaneous combustion sound tempting. Blah.