February 14th, 2010


(no subject)

Last Thursday, I returned to my old company, since I was in the area, to see how they were faring, and possibly hang out with former coworkers.

As I arrived, I bumped into some of them in a panic: some feature, having been sold too cheap and implemented in reckless urgency, turned out to be dysfunctional, causing the client sales loss every second.

... No longer my problem. No longer. I'm telling myself that. (I might still have helped diagnose the issue. Don't judge me.)

The company uses one third of the office space it used to, and there was a crepuscular feeling to things when I visited. The company that operates the vending machines in the rest room pulled out, leaving only a smaller coffee machine, because it was no longer worthwhile for them. I heard of no new project since my departure last Fall. The big internal project into which they sunk lots of money and time last year is being phased out in favor of something one of the new directors developed in his garage.

Still, my old coworkers managed to keep the foosball table in a corner, so there's that.

It was nice to see the lot of them and chat a little. Good people, they are. More still than last time have started looking for work elsewhere. I can only wish them the absolute best of luck.

Amusingly, I came home to another job offer in my inbox. Banking-related development in Switzerland, with a salary that made me cough and splutter. Heavens almighty. I could be one of those daddies that bring in the big bucks by being away for weeks at a time! Or not. There was a definite feeling of glee to firing back a polite reply explaining I'm already accounted for.