February 11th, 2010


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Cats are born broken.

It runs in the species. There are the small signs, of course. Like the sudden bouts of spazzing out and running around the place like Yog Sothoth is after their butt. Or the urgent need to go outside now now now which, the second it is fulfilled, immediately triggers an even more pressing need to get back in.

But the most blatant bug, perhaps, manifests as those irrational instances of mid-night yowling and peeing on the carpets. It's like that virus which got into your computer when you last visited that Web site with, err, cat pictures. Indeed, in a virus too, the malfunction involves spawning more viruses that spread to the whole neighborhood.

Thankfully, nowadays there are solid technical countermeasures available to the wary cat owner.

Long story short: cats may be broken, but Ahnassi is fixed.