January 6th, 2010


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The day started with a happy birthday kiss, and sort of went downhill from there.

Got washed and dressed, got into the car to take kiddo to Nanny.

Car wouldn't start. Battery apparently frozen. Kept trying. No go.

Called Nanny so she wouldn't wait. Kept working on car. Found I didn't have the right tool to take out the battery.

Unearthed old car battery charger. Lacked extension cord to get it to the car. Tried to push the car closer to house and power outlet. Nicked foot on stone.

Gave up, returned home. Found kiddo had gotten shit all over his back again.

Changed kid. Slumped glumly on couch. Took out general low spirits on chocolate block.

Called C. so she knew not to go fetch kid at Nanny's after work.

Discovered C. had taken afternoon off and planned surprise birthday time with me. So much for the surprise. (This sucks. I adore surprises, and having such a moment of joy and wonder dissolve in the mundanity of a bad day makes me want to bite things.)

Vengefully made spaghetti bolognese (my comfort food) when C. came home. Saw to kid's meal, ate in a bit of a rush, dropped kid off at Nanny's and attempted to carry on with planned birthday afternoon.

Things picked up from there, thankfully, because my girl is awesome.

Went to see Avatar, dammit. (Dubbed and in 2D, 'cause only that showing fit our timetable.)

In complete fucking awe. Want to see again. Mildly confused by earlier advice to "watch the scenery but ignore the story". Story was great. Pondered post on how predictable plot does absolutely not prevent great writing in skilled hands. Decided on telegraphic style instead, 'cause fuck it.

Sorely regretted rushed departure from home. Spent last half of movie wondering if my bladder would hold till the end. (It did. Close call.)

Want to see it again, preferably on empty bladder. Anyone around and available?

Came home. Fetched kid on the way. Had birthday dinner. (C. made me special dishes with fish. ♥)

Spent a nice quiet evening with C.

It takes a special kind of girl to transfigure a rotten day into something I'll remember sweetly. I'm blessed like that.