December 21st, 2009



Hoo boy, I so haven't been updating this thing. Let's catch up.

The elation kick from conquering NaNoWriMo hasn't materialized. Instead, what I found left on the shore after the waves of tiredness and burn out withdrew was a quiet feeling of competence, which is pretty great too, though fragile and in need of nurturing. I can write, bitches. Now I need to kick myself in the pants and do more of it.

Meanwhile: kitty!

The kid's nanny had kittens to give, and I wanted to acquire a cat sooner or later, because a house without a pet is like a garden without flowers. One cold morning of November, I brought her home and let her loose in the kitchen, whereupon she promptly disappeared behind the fridge. But little by little she's grown used to her dish, the place, and us, in that order. By now she's well accustomed to her new life, and can spend her days indulging her passions, which are sleeping, running around like crazy, being unspeakably cute, and destroying our earthly belongings.

Meanwhile I fret that I'm a horrible pet owner and not educating her properly. Fretting is like my secret mutant superpower, except it's not secret.

And because I'm that kind of big freaking geek, I called her Ahnassi. Elder Scrolls fans can start squealing with glee on my cue.