October 9th, 2009


Of the Winds of Life and the Vagaries Thereof.

And that's it. As of right now, I am no longer employed at that company.

It feels weird. This is the longest I've worked anywhere. I don't regret anything; there were so many clear signs that it was time to leave. The company no longer exists as such, to start with; bought off, gutted, renamed, reassembled into an odd entity which we're not sure what to make of. So we held a funeral party for the company yesterday evening anyway.

Still. The coworkers I leave behind are good people, and I'll miss them. I feel almost guilty over the faint whiffs of "Oh my God, how are we going to do without him" I got today. I used to spend a lot of my time helping out coworkers with the trickiest stuff. But hey, I feel I made a difference, and that's what I was in for.

And now, to rest.