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October 5th, 2009 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Oct. 5th, 2009

08:48 pm - Oh boy.

So it's no news now: I'm quitting my company. This week's my last.

Why am I quitting? Let us just say: I'm not too confident in its future. Too much disconnect between its ambitions and its actual capabilities.

Case in point: they just made the news.

A super-hyper-high visibility website went up today. We're talking something really big, here.

And it went down in flames right away. With, it seems, all the country's cameras turned on it.

Today was a day off for me so this doesn't affect me personally, but let's have a thought for my coworkers. Must not have been a good day for them.

But I can't stop laughing. Oh boy.

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