July 20th, 2009


Word of the day is 'mrah'.

So, it's back to work with me; which involves only moderate amounts of cheerful and entirely too much TIRED.

Sat at my desk blearily, purged two weeks worth of email. (That's somewhere upwards of 2,000 of the little textual buggers. I've become very good at turbo-skimming.)

And learned this morning that there was an important meeting this evening -- down in Paris. Thus did Circumstances preemptively foil my clever plan to be home early so I could welcome C. back from her first post-birth work day. This is why the wise man never underestimates Circumstances.

Not home before half past nine. Glee.

Nevertheless, attending the meeting was worth it, due to the import of the information given there:

The company, as such, will stop existing in its current form within two months.


I don't necessarily mind the way things are headed, mind you: change does not have to be a bad thing. Just, that's a bit much to return to work to.

Mrah, I tell you. Mrah.