March 20th, 2009


And, back to work.

Today was my first day at work after my parental leave.

I feel all grown up now. Daddy going to work to feed wife and kid. Right!

It turns out it was a good day to resume working, because:

1) It was a very quiet day, all in all, so I could catch up with stuff;
2) Today our bosses had a sumptuous buffet organized, on account that we hadn't had one this year yet. The salmon was divine!

It also turns out that the detailed explanations I wrote some time before leaving regarding some vastly suboptimal behavior of a particular project were read thoroughly and, when the project started crashing repeatedly, understood and put in practice. And that the stability of the project in question improved drastically right away.

I am not exactly used to have my self-confidence petted by stuff at work, so, uh, yeah. This is a good thing, especially as I've been scheming rather persistently to have the higher-ups realize that, yes, I do know what I'm doing pretty darn well, and it might be, ah, profitable for everybody involved if I could have a hand in technical decisions before they turn into technical calamities.

And it also turns out I got a raise. The kind of raise that puts the 'token' in 'token amount', mind you, but as this comes after they'd proclaimed there would be no raise whatsoever, on account of Terrible Financial Crisis Oh My God, I like to believe the message I sent during my annual review was well received. Can't be sure without asking others about their raises, but if it should turn out the "no raises, guys" thing was really not all humbuggery after all, doing so would be kind of crass. And crass is not my thing[*].

[*] For what my thing is, is bad temper. Gotta know yourself, y'know.