February 14th, 2009


(no subject)

Gah! Haven't updated this in way too long.

Things have been okay, busy-ish but not overly so. Most weekends have been spent out, visiting friends, or having family visit, which is good, but time-consuming.

One metric buttload of projects still lie around unfinished. (A good number take the unfinished thing so far as to delve way into unstarted territory. Evil, evil unstarted projects. I'll start your ass eventually, just you wait.)

In the meanwhile, here, have some links, courtesy of... people. You know who you are.

You may be into superhero stories, and you may not. Regardless, this fanfic about a minor villain of the Marvel universe and his brief and less than hopeful stint as not-a-villain is nothing short of brilliant, with its endearing characters and engrossing storytelling. And I'm sure the author's encyclopedic knowledge of the world of super heroes will make fans go squee.

And this is the reason why Bill Watterson should have been made president of the world.

Good times.