December 21st, 2008


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I've got the best girlfriend in the world.

The other day, when I got home from work, she had a surprise for me. Tickets for the first and only performance of Video Games Live in France!

The show was last Thursday. And it was awesome beyond words.

Imagine an entire symphonic orchestra (violins, cellos, piano, brass, choir...), led by video game music composers who decided that their art absolutely deserved the recognition of the biggest show they could put together.

Imagine a huge concert room full of geeks (and to some extent, of geekettes), explicitly urged to react as loudly as possible to what is taking place on stage.

Imagine the show starting off like this and then growing much wilder still from there. (Yes, they do explicitly encourage you to film and put online bits of the show. They know their audience.)

We got treated to many old favorites and a few lesser known things too. We got Christophe Héral, the unjustly under-appreciated composer of the awesome Beyond Good And Evil soundtrack, come up on stage and play along a trailer of the sequel to the game. We got Martin Leung, better known as the Video Game Pianist, come on stage and do his crazy finger magic live, including a blindfolded rendition of the good old Mario Bros theme.

It was the ultimate nerd treat. And thanks to my girl, I was there, and so where my dear friends kefen and unblue.

I've got the best girlfriend in the world.