November 26th, 2008



Ah, November. The month of cold grey rains that don't even have the decency to turn into honest to god snow, of dry withered tree leaves piling up under your windshield wipers. A month for curling up at home with a cup of hot chocolate.

If you are sane, anyway.

Which it would seen we aren't. Instead, an unspecified amount of sleeve got rolled up, and the house received major improvements over the course of the month. And I have the photos to prove it!

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Ah, November. A month well spent, yes.

... And this is where those of you guys who know me well must be asking yourselves, "What about that crazy NaNoWriMo thing, then? Isn't that exactly the kind of crazy Bali likes to indulge in, if only for the sake of picking the closest thing to impossible to fail at?" (For in my mind's eye, you guys know me very, very well, see.) Alas, I fear I must disappoint.

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Then the unicorn paid us all a round of rainbow beer and I transformed back into myself (I think). Good times!