October 17th, 2008


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Well, lately, all I feel up to posting is whining or memes, so here, have a meme, by way of... err, too many people already!

A is for age: 31. Holy crap, were have all those years gone, and do I still have time to make something of my life?
B is for beer of choice: Pêcheresse, a peach-flavored Belgian fruit beer, or Verte du Mont-Blanc, a génépi-flavored white beer from Savoy.
C is for career right now: *sob*
D is for your dog's name: No dog. My parents's dog died a few years ago already.
E is for essential item you use everyday: Hairbrush or toothbrush, I guess. About everything else I can do without.
F is for favorite TV show: 101% on the aptly name Nolife TV, I would guess. Or Scrubs.
G is for favorite game to watch: Nolife TV has a show called Superplay, where geeks of various size and shape play through notoriously difficult video games, with live commentary. That's the closest thing to watching games I do.
H is for Home town: Eh... Aix-les-Bains in Savoy is where I was born, but I've not lived there in, what, 28 years now? My parents' home down south no longer really feels like home, although the area is still where I am from in a way Picardy, where I now live, isn't.
I is for instruments you play: Long ago, a friend took it upon herself to teach me the Moonlight Sonata. I since forgot it, but my fingers, themselves, mostly didn't, surprisingly. So I guess I play some piano, for half-assed definitions of 'play'. Also, I once made the Zelda theme on an AdLib soundcard.
J is for favorite juice: Apple.
K is for whose butt you'd like to be kicking: Holy flaming bandicoot poo, I have neither the time nor the room in this window for the whole entire list, so here's a hugely abridged version: me; anybody too incompetent to realize they're incompetent; anybody incompetent who can't be bothered to do anything about it; anyone who says "That's just the way it is, always was, always will be" and means it; anybody wanting a say in who other people love; and me.
L is for last place you ate at: chinese restaurant up the hill this noon.
M is for marriage: Someday, surely. Weddings are cool because you get to have cake. And people give you gifts.
N is for your name: Either has Latin roots, in which case it means "he who works the vair", or Germanic roots, in which case it means "he who goes at war", I believe. Otherwise unremarkable. I've thought of taking jallora's name if I marry her, because 1) her name's awesome, and 2) it goes against the accepted norms for the male partner to take the female partner's name and that's bound to make countless people freak out. (Whee!)
O is for overnight hospital stay: Back when I underwent I-don't-know-what operation for my deaf ear, I suppose, well over two decades ago.
P is for people you were with today: My girl, briefly, and then coworkers.
Q is for what's your best quality: Analytical mind. I like to think I'm compassionate, but if I wasn't, would I know?
R is for what are you currently reading: My screen. I'm not typing this with my eyes closed, y'know. (I know, I know, the question is about books: right now I'm reading La Pierre et le Sabre, a biography of the great samurai Miyamoto Musashi.)
S is for relationship status: Seven years and going strong. Rocky at first, now steady. Signed a civil union a few weeks back!
T is for time you woke up today: That's assuming I'm done waking up.
U is for the type of underwear you have on: A cautiously picked piece as determined by the trustworthy algorithm of 'whatever was on the top of the pile'.
V is for vegetable you love: Oxymorons.
W is for worst habits: Procrastination, I suppose.
X is for x-rays you've had recently: None.
Y is for something candy: Yes, please.
Z is for zodiac sign: Capricorn in classical western zodiac, Sagittarius in sidereal zodiac, Dragon in eastern zodiac. Curious weirdo in either case.