September 27th, 2008


It's the small things.

Acquiring new complex skills is a slow and arduous process, dammit, and for this reason, it can be hard to quantify your progress, or even perceive that you're making any progress at all, especially when you're the sort that tends to lean toward the glass-half-empty walk of life.

At least, that's my excuse, when a measurable milestone comes my way, to grab onto it and hoard it jealously -- and possibly post about it on LJ. :)

For the first time, yesterday, I completed a reasonably decent watercolor still life, a mildly scary one with folded cloth reflecting on a curved coppery surface, within the time frame of the lesson, and without requiring help. That I finished it on time, especially, fills me with moderate yet precious amounts of glee, as it seems to indicate I may be outgrowing the slow, fiddly, nervous manner that I was all about.

I know, I know, the actual artists out there will stifle a chortle, but, see, this is not about where I am: it's about where I was not so very long ago.

It's the small things, you know.