September 3rd, 2008


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There's that sensation that comes with being just back from a furry convention, an odd feeling made of permeating exhaustion, woefully brief flashbacks of warm moments, and above all, a sense of perplexed bafflement at the sudden lack of a colorful whirlwind of people everywhere, all intent on sharing with you happiness, hugs and booze[1].

And ever since, I mostly spend my time at work in a dazed stupor, seeing to menial things while I attempt to piece together just what the hell it is I've been up to during the whole past week.

Such fogginess aside, I am quite certain I got a chance to get better acquainted with footpad, or more accurately, to associate his figure with his name and vice-versa, for both were known to me, just not as belonging to the same individual. Various instances of pleasantly inebriated conversation (a highly common theme, this year) ensued. And some dog petting. Lordy, Footpad, your dog is such a beautiful creature. I want to make a painting of him, in the nebulous and somewhat hypothetical future when I'm good enough to.

And of course, I can't forget to thank the whole Kage family, for being so nice, so full of supportive words about the whole upcoming parenthood thing, and of course, for so kindly celebrating C.'s birthday with us. You people are wonderful. :) Special mention goes to atalondeer as well, for standing and singing Alles Gute zum Geburtstag to C. right in the middle of the restaurant, in the most stunning tenor voice. (What can I say? He's a deer. I guess the brassy singing to females thing comes naturally to deer.)

But just because everybody was so damn nice, doesn't mean my usual combination of deafness and inexpert understanding of spoken English would fail to lead me into awkward social moments, either, don't you guys worry!

There was that time when, after being invited at a bar table by Footpad, I began making the round for introductions with people I didn't know yet, exchanging a few words with jadedfox whom I'd met at an earlier SIG, and then turning to the gentleman on my left.

"Greetings, good sir," I said[2], and then hesitated. "You seem familiar, if you don't mind my saying so. Do I know you from somewhere? Perhaps from an earlier EuroFurence?"

The gentleman gives me this odd, cautious look, and tells me it's his first EF, but then adds, kindly, "But you seem familiar as well."

To which I reply with some noncommittal pleasantry, while leaning slightly, in a thinly veiled attempt to figure out who the hell it might be by peeking at his badge.

Which read "Watts Martin". Right next to the words: "Guest of Honor".

There was this brief, awkward silence. Which I believe I ended with a meek, "... Oh."

But because Watts is such a sweet guy, he somehow managed to stopple my profuse flow of apologies, and we ended up having around that table hours of pleasantly inebriated conversation (a highly common theme, this year). You know, furry, politics, geek stuff. Somehow, mild drunkenness seems to make English lots easier to speak; it's almost like the language was designed that way on purpose.[3]

Only after a perhaps three hours of chatting did we eventually reach into the topic of what we do on the Internet.

And only then did we end up talking about what our regular online haunts are.

And only then did I realize that Watts is chipotle and the reason we seemed familiar to each other is that we've been hanging out around the same circles for years.

Small world and happy times. :)

What else? Booze was offered and booze was downed, games were played, people were hugged, SIGs attended. Got to chat a little with shinigamigirl, but no hanging out because, ack, so many people to hang out with, so little time (sorry, Shin, I'll have to get more booze into you as an apology). Got to repay a number of people for their awesomeness with generous helpings from my now traditional Chartreuse bottle. Oh, I'm so, so tired. The earliest I went to bed each day was, I think, sometime after 4am, generally after loads of pleasantly inebriated conversation (a highly common theme, this year).

And that's it for this year. In keeping with our usual rumour control regulations, if you hear any anecdote or second-hand story not reported in these here columns, I deny everything. *nods*

Oh, and my neck is doing much better, thanks to all who inquired. (It just so happens that one of my martial arts teacher is also an osteopath. It just so happens she could see me just before I left for EF. That is why you don't mess with martial arts teachers.)

[1] I kid you not, all those people were right there but a few moments ago, I tell you! I have no idea where they've all gone. :(

[2] This is a lie. I'm nowhere this articulate with spoken English.

[3] Which, at least, would explain pubs.