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August 26th, 2008 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Aug. 26th, 2008

02:06 pm


It's been a week since, and neck still hurts.

Well, more accurately, in but a few days neck went from intense pain to mild ongoing ache, but then leisurely remained there and hasn't moved on yet. Looks like I pulled a vertebra somehow, and it isn't setting back into place without external help.

Medication helped with the pain, thankfully, but as far as reordering my vertebrae the way nature intended, I fear even the most badass molecules on Earth, spitting in their atomic hands and then ganging up together to pull with all their might, aren't going to produce much results regarding the positioning of my bones, for roughly the same reason ants aren't commonly known to reorder elephants, cathedrals or mountains. Sometimes size does matter.

Thankfully, the mild ache, though ongoing, is mild enough that I'm going to risk EuroFurence.

Hence, this advisory: dragon be grouchy, and prone to go curl up lie flat and stiff in bed now and then. Might have to wear neck brace now and then: mock dragon and get flamed. :) And please seek dragon's permission before bestowing hugs, thanks. Dragon will be grateful, oy.

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