April 1st, 2008


Non Sequitur

Unrelated to anything in particular:

Today, I saw fish in an aquarium.

One of the fish, small and orange, was lying on its side at the bottom of the aquarium, in a corner, twitching weakly, its mouth opening and closing.

The other fish were ignoring it: they were busily gathered at the other end of the aquarium, where the owner was pouring food, small brown pellets which they fought over in a flurry of bright colors.

Only one slow, quiet grey fish eventually edged away from the mass, toward the small orange fish that was lying in the corner. There, it opened its mouth, and fanned its gills, and a rain of small brown pellets fell near the small fish's mouth; its fins twitched faster.

Before the fish that was lying at the bottom of the aquarium could capture any, the mass of all the other fish was on him, fighting over the pellets with renewed frenzy, while the small orange fish twitched helplessly.

And when all the small brown pellets where gone, the mass of fish then turned on it, nipping at its fins then at its flesh. With a sudden surge of energy, it rose and propelled itself halfway across the aquarium, attempting to hide under the dark broken rocks there.

Then the other fish closed on it and hid it from view.

Such is what I saw today.