February 20th, 2008


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And we're back online!

As I more or less expected, being clairvoyant (and by 'clairvoyant' I mean 'pessimistic old ass'), the national telco adamantly refused to renew the particular kind of DSL setup we used to have from years back, what with it being so horribly inconvenient to them[1].

And since there's no TV yet at the new house, we thought we'd take the opportunity to switch ISPs as well and check out one of those fancy new fellows that will deliver fast DSL, dirt cheap phone calls and more TV channels than we could shake a cartload of sticks at, should we care enough to try, for a couple nut shells a month.

Now, switching ISPs is not unlike setting sail for the high seas, in the sense that, rum abuse notwithstanding, while you generally know just about when you depart, heavens bless you, there's no telling when you'll get there, if ever at all. (Ask that Ulysses guy 'bout it.)

This is why I first counted myself pretty darn lucky when I received this afternoon, barely a week into the proceedings, a notification that our DSL line had been built -- then it dawned on me that the brave gentlemen were still WAY behind in packaging and shipping the modem-router-wifi-TV decoder-DVR magic box we're going to require in order to enjoy the service.

So I, uh, reprogrammed our old and now obsolete router's configuration to trick it into believing itself one of the new ISP's magic boxes. Surprisingly, I got it to work. :)

And here we are.

But you bastards[2] sure posted lots since. c_c

[1] Mind you, it dates back from the days of yore when it was their responsibility to fix the phone line in the event the DSL side of it broke. Thankfully those days are long past: in this glorious modern day, they can leave you stranded without remorse or legal obligation, although I'm not entirely sure they care much at all about the remorse part.

[2] And by 'bastards' I mean 'bastards ♥'.