February 7th, 2008


Okay, that's it.

Alright. After posting this, I'll shut the computer down and pack it with the rest of our stuff. No idea when I'm back online -- it'll depend on how speedy the phone company dudes are at turning on the ADSL on our new phone line. I should still be able to connect from work and stay in touch until then.

This feels odd. >O.o<

Tomorrow, we finish packing, we go fetch the rental truck, we welcome C.'s parents and kefen, who are kindly coming to help us, all while managing to be at the new house in time to have the fridge and cooker delivered.

Saturday, we move, with the help of a few more friends.

There's still one billion things to do until then but all I can do is sit wide-eyed, studiously refraining the urge to flail and panic.

It'll all be okay. I hope.

Well, bye for now, anyway.