February 1st, 2008


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WE HAVE KEYS. (And house. And still mortgage.)

We're still going to have the locks changed, because having your house keys end up 'somewhere out there' for any non trivial length of time is Bad Mojo, as our ever vigilant lady notary called us to point out.

So after work, we got into the car, along with some token amount of already packed stuff, and drove off to OUR house. (We're still kinda giddy about the 'our' part. It feels alien, and a bit scary.)

Despite the cold and unrelenting rain, the feeling that struck me from our very first visit, one of comfort and homeyness, returned at once. This is the sort of house that is wonderful to be inside when it's cold and wet out.

And you bet we're gonna cozy up the hell right out of it, nesting creatures that we both are.

On the other hand, I am daunted by the amount of wallpaper replacing, paint refreshing, parquet flooring, vegetation cropping, plumbing deriving and electric rewiring that's ahead of us.

It's gonna be one interesting year for sure.