January 31st, 2008


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WE HAVE HOUSE. (And mortgage.)

The notary stuff wasn't as bad as I expected. I usually dread notaries, because experience taught me to mistrust important looking people with a tie, but this went well, in part because the notary we blindly selected to Represent Our Interests[*] in this deal turned out to be a little middle aged lady with a pleasantly intelligent face and a way to listen that made me take an immediate liking to her; and she did a real nice job seeing us through the whole notarial business reasonably unbaffled.

I can't say I was very impressed by the guy from the investment company from whom we're buying the house, though. You know the style. Buy estate, divide estate, sell parts, profit. (Sadly *cough* in this case they can't seem to find someone to buy the small, misshapen plot they've sheared off what would otherwise have been our property. Not that I'm complaining -- that excision of part of the estate is why we got the house for a relatively good price.)

Things were wrapped up in under an hour, which WAS a pleasant surprise. Then, keys in hand -- OUR keys! -- we drove through the rising winter storm to go open OUR house and presumably fool around inside, seeing as it's OURS and if we want, we can, goddammit.

Under icy sleet and whipping storm winds, keys were tried in various order on various doors.

To no avail.

The estate agent gave us the wrong keys. Doesn't know where the correct set is.


We'll have them by the weekend, or I'll have that guy's balls instead, I swear. *grump*

In the meanwhile, unhappy. The week's been long and stressful, and in no small part spent kicking bank employees in the pants so the last bits of financial arrangements would be ready in time, and I was eagerly looking forward to it all being over, so I could sit in a chair and lean back and let out a long, long sigh.

Well, no go.

This feeling that no damn thing can ever go right might be entirely subjective, but it's becoming tiresome. Grahr.

[*] Such adult stuff. We have our own notary. For real. I have exactly no idea what to make of that.