September 16th, 2007



Back from vacation!

All in all, in a little over one week, we drove well over 3,000km, which is by far our current record and more than a little bit crazy. Thankfully I've got a bit under one more week off left, so I'll just sit around and chill and presumably sleep lots, but my poor girl resumes work on Monday so let's have a thought for her. :/

So we drove around lots. Got lost then found our way. Found ourselves stranded without a place to stay for the night on account of half of England staying in hotels in France at this time of year, apparently. Remained unfazed and resourceful, absorbed an unhealthy chunk of the ungodly good food that make southwestern France's worldwide reputation, for moral support, and then in a mere couple phone calls from a deserted parking lot at night, arranged ourselves a room in a very nice hotel close to the best sights.

Essentially, the region of Périgord is all about ancient limestone plateaus that rose between the volcanic chain of the Massif Central and the much younger Pyrénées, and subsequently got eroded, and gave way to a relatively dry but geologically rich landscape, making it one of the oldest known continuously inhabited areas since man got off the tree. In practice, this translates into tiny windy roads into remote places (although nothing on par with Saint Lucia, don't you worry), LOTS of prehistoric settlements such as the famous Lascaux caves, more medieval and Renaissance castles than you can shake a trebuchet at, and a very typical production of food centered on goose, duck, fattened goose liver, fattened duck liver, and goose and duck cooked in goose grease. With potatoes. Also cooked in goose grease.

And wine.

We ate, shall we say, fairly well.

That's about all I'm going to go into right now, but there's one more little thing I intend to post about. Coming up soon.