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June 23rd, 2007 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Jun. 23rd, 2007

01:09 am - Highs and lows.

First of all, sorry 'bout that last post (now locked on account of angst). The story is, I came across an online frontend to the national registry of horses, and started gleefully looking up horses I've known... Only to discover that one of my favorite mares ever was not, as I had long thought, sold off to whomever, that bitch*. No. She died years ago. She was 14. That's not old, for a horse. I can't say it wasn't a blow.


So, this year, I have begun doing martial arts, as I've already spoken about once or twice. It's been... somewhat rough.

Not that the thing itself is particularly violent. It derives from the relatively recent discipline of Shintaido, the New Way, although the particular branch I'm taking, Bô-Jutsu, stick fighting, is plenty martial, martial enough for me at any rate.

Still, it didn't start off very well for me. Because we only heard about the courses in out town in October or so, I missed the first few lessons. And then, after a mere few courses, I tore a muscle in my right leg. Had to stay off practice for a few weeks more.

And I was the only one who seemed to be having any problem.

Which is the sort of situation I don't quite deal very well with.

So, I guess, I threw myself at the practice with stubborn determination, because that's the sort of thing I do.

Anyway, let's keep it short. This last Sunday was the annual exam. I don't remember minding school exams in any significant way, but somehow, sports exams... I was way more stressed out than it warranted.

Out of the ten or so that joined the course at my level at the beginning of the year, only two passed at the level we were attempting, and I'm one of the two.

Elated? Damn yeah.

Highs and lows.

And at the practice the VERY DAY AFTER, I hurt my FUCKING OTHER LEG.

Oh well. Humility in all things, I guess.

[*] No kidding. She had an awful temper. Once, at the time she was into the habit of nibbling, which is bad because horses have rather large teeth and strong jaws, I scolded her after she started nibbling on my coat. She sulked for weeks. She only stopped when I gave in and allowed her to nibble again. That bitch...

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