April 29th, 2007


Horse ♥

Horses are devils.

It always happens the same way. You're with a horse you're beginning to know well, holding his reins, or grooming him, or just being there and silently companionable, the horse way. And then he looks into your eyes, and you look back into his.

And I swear you can almost feel it as it happens. Mostly it feels nice, like something huge and warm swelling inside your chest. But by the time you look away, it is done. The goddamn horse stole your soul, and all you can do is bury your face in his mane and feel ridiculously happy with life.

Horses are devils. ♥

Anyway. Since someone asked, here's Bacchus.


Second picture is a bit blurry. Goddamn it, I like his expression so much in this picture.