February 10th, 2007


Uh. :)

Okay, so as you know, I live in an area of small dimensions but somewhat worldly repute; you may have seen it in various movies, including one James Bond, and people of the sort you hear about in newspapers have something of a tendency hang out around here, for whatever reason. I understand that Ronaldo guy got married a few miles from here, and I heard recently that the public road repair works near the horse racing track that delay my daily commute by a good five minutes are being financed by the Aga Khan. No shit.

Yet it's a small area, and you end bumping into the same people repeatedly. Perhaps you remember this fine lady whom I once took in my car as she was hitch hiking, and who entertained me on the short way with an incredible abundance of breathless chatter; well, I ended up taking her again many months later. At first I didn't recognize her... and then she began talking.

Putting two and two together, you end up discovering that some people you know or bump into, bump into or know some of those people whom you hear about in newspapers. Today, I found out that my horse riding instructor is the one who got Mario Luraschi, horse stuntman of some fame, started on his way. I might not be entirely happy with the way this riding center is run (perhaps I'll post about that someday), but gee, now there's for some serious cred.

These days, I mostly end up riding always the same horse, a gentle chestnut colossus called Bacchus, whom I'm growing fond of on account of his gentleness, but who's still heavy on the leg as a dead boulder and jumps with the approximate ease and elegance of one ton of bricks. But he's still a nice horse, and I have no trouble believing that, as I heard, he properly delighted the foreign gentleman who came for a ride this week.

That guy who rode my Bacchus was Vladimir fucking Putin's right hand man. o_o

I'll... go get the Geiger counter, shall I?

Still. Here's to hope that a nice ride on a lovable horse would put more peace in the head of that kind of people. I'm just sayin'.