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February 7th, 2007 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Feb. 7th, 2007

03:26 pm - First update in ages, go me!

So, yeah, I'm not quite done hibernating, as far as LJ is concerned, but this at least I want to post while I still remember it.

This night, I made a dream I still remember bits of, which in itself is noteworthy, as this is not usual.

There was a short and mostly irrelevant bit that took place at the next EF, involving the usual dramatis personae, which has been something of a recurrent theme lately in what dreams I do remember, lending me to think that my hindbrain worries more about it than I care to admit consciously.

But the real vibe of the dream came much later. The area was mountainous, and I needed to reach the top of the highest peak, overcoming several adversarial conditions on the way. Because, by reaching the top, I'd earn the ability. (Yes, I've played too much Zelda lately, I know.)

The ability turned out to be the power to turn at will into an Australian white hawk (is there even a species of white hawks in Australia? No idea...), and fly.

Now, I commonly have the power of flight in my dreams, as a general thing; but it's a tricky power to wield. First, I need to remember that I have this power, and dreams generally make this kind of extrinsical thinking difficult. Next, controlling the power itself requires a lot of concentration and focus: you need to repel at the ground with all your will, and that can't generally be sustained for very long.

But this time was different.

It was effortless. It was nimble. It was free. I'd simply turn into a white hawk and fly.

The species in question was being actively hunted, because in my dreams, good things rarely come for free, and I do remember being shot at at least once; but, unlike my typical dream, this was never a concern, because I was so agile on my white wing, they stood no chance to hit me.

Dear brain: that was a great dream. I want more of those, please.

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