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December 13th, 2006 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Dec. 13th, 2006

05:21 pm

Weather: lightless grey.

I'm still alive, just not very loquacious. I've been quite busy, and pretty drained too. I know I owe a good many people replies about all sorts of topics; I'll get on with it, don't worry.

In the meanwhile, yes, I've received my Wii (the video game store called on Sunday -- and not only were they open on Sunday, the store was also packed full of people). Yes, I opened the box with more than a little trepidation. Yes, I admired how incredibly well designed the packaging is. No, I haven't played yet, because it's a Christmas present. Yes, it's hard! But it's the good kind of hard, not devoid of a certain contemplative philosophy. Maybe I'll post more on that later.

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