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October 27th, 2006 - Balinares — LiveJournal

Oct. 27th, 2006

10:04 am - What I've Been Up To.

Hi peeps,

I realize I've not updated this journal with any regularity in AGES. I'm sorry! It's not that I lack stuff to say; I've just not been able to get myself to sit in front of my keyboard for any sufficient length of time to translate thoughts into words that don't come to me easily at all.

I really don't do much of my evenings these days. This is bad, because there's a lot I'd like to do (or, more accurately, to have done), but I don't know how to kick myself out of that flunk. Hopefully it's cyclic and will pull up soon.

For those who read this through RSS streams (hi LN! :)), there have been a handful private posts, but you've not missed much beside a silly meme and some shameful pencil scribbling.

So here's, in the meanwhile, a brief summary of what I've been up to.

* jallora and I have been to Iceland, on something of a whim. It was crazy and wonderful, and posting an expressive account of the experience is among the things I would like to do have done.

* I've taken up bo-jutsu, the martial art that concerns itself with the handling of the bo staff. I already have my very own bo (squee!), and the courses themselves are, in addition of being very close to where I live and conveniently scheduled on Monday evenings, quite rewarding. Juggling the thing around your body in smooth and not ungraceful ways has a nicely tactile feeling to it. The intense warming up exercises are KILLING ME, though. Which probably means I badly needed them. :)

* I still ride horses on and off. Surprisingly enough, I've got a life, lately, and am not often available on weekends when the riding lessons are. I stopped trying to follow the super advanced lessons on Sunday mornings; it was, in a way, cool to get to learn the real badass stuff you usually only see in shows, but I'm simply not involved with horseriding enough anymore to make this work. So now I ride on Saturdays, at an easier level and with younger people, which has thus far felt a lot nicer. Even when doing some cross-country jumping for the first time in nearly a decade, on a huge, heavy colossus of a horse. :)

* I will be attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. Given my current mindstate, this is SO not going to work. No reason not to try, though. I'm giving myself a goal that is far under the intended NaNoWriMo objective of 50,000 words, but still quite a lot for me, and we'll see how that goes. Mind, I know what I'd like to write about, or at least, what general field of themes to draw from -- unsurprisingly, that would be the difficulty of creating against the desertification of one's internal landscapes -- and the context of pure escapist atmospheric fantasy I'd like to weave that into; that's still a far cry from knowing what the hell to write, though. Ideas come to me out of the blue, fragile and pretty as puffs of smoke, and dissolve as soon as the emotional context within which they were born has passed. Feh on you, flimsy ideas, feh on you.

* I've been almost doing stuff, tech-wise. ralesk drafted me for help with the LJ client he's writing; I've written and submitted a patch to Tabblo's Java support detection in some browsers (they published it and thanked me!); I'm investigating and writing a patch for some small issue with some open source tool I use daily. This feels good, useful. Also, I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I seem to be becoming the go-to guy at my company for fixing Perl programming problems (*snerk*). Two since yesterday. Even though I don't know Perl. The mind boggles. Makes me feel oddly good, though -- it makes me feel like my tech background is so solid that I can help people with things I have no experience of. :P Go me.

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