August 29th, 2006



Not back home yet. Posting from unblue's place right now.

jallora and I drove around, visiting places between Paris and Germany for a few days; then we went to EF in Nuremberg; then we stayed in Paris to guide guests throughout the city. This evening, after bidding our guests farewell, I get back home, unpack, pack fresh clothes, and take the train tomorrow to go celebrate Jall's birthday with her family in the South.

Then I try to sleep a little before returning to work next monday.

I'm utterly knackered.

Had a wonderful time, all in all. Too tired for post-convention depression to set in, which I'd be grateful for if I wasn't waaaay too tired for such an exhausting work as gratefulness.

Have lots and lots and lots of fun and happy to post about. Will try to see to it within decent delays.

Teasers for you: solar eclipse flashbacks; hidden treasure spots; beeeer; astronomical clocks; neat people in large quantities; new friends made, old friends loved. Me = tiredhappy.

Hope you guys didn't post too much in the meanwhile.

Also, unciaa is great and I think very highly of him... but I don't think anyone doubted that. :) (Except himself, perhaps.)