August 1st, 2006


Pondering mankind...

... So. Apparently, having a busy day at work seems to stimulate my mind with frivolous questions. Well, thank you, work, I suppose.

There's something I often hear, and that's "I don't like ...". As in, "I don't like cheese." Or "I don't like beer."

Which is all fine and dandy, mind. I hate tomatoes, myself, and I know better than to judge of people's tastes, except for the purpose of cheerful teasing of course. (I mean... To not like beer...)


How the hell can one claim without second thoughts to not like an entire category of immensely varied stuff? There are hundreds of kinds of cheese. There are possibly thousands of beers. They can smell, taste, look, feel wildly differently.

Alright, honestly, I think the mechanism of generalization by which one can extrapolate an opinion of an entire category based on a mere few instances is a pretty common human thing. We probably all do it now and then.

What really gives me thought, though, is how can one not be aware of the generalization for what it is? You'd think it obvious; yet I have often seen people refuse to taste some new thing on account that they, quote, don't like cheese|fruit|fish|etc.

And I am a little stumped as to what really goes on in people's heads, and how to freaking punt them out of those mental boxes.

Because, food tastes might be a frivolous matter, but frivolity itself is such a relative thing.


"I don't like mangas."
"I don't like furries."
"I don't like Americans..."