July 26th, 2006


Life, update, stuff.

Hi folks,

This is just a short update so you know I'm not dead yet. I'm just mostly in the middle of significant computer updates and am not done migrating data, IM accounts and stuff, so I won't be online (much) for a little while.

Otherwise... Not been doing much beside melting into various amounts of dragon-colored puddles. Work is quiet; personal life is quiet. I mostly just remain sitted and drink water.

We spent a nice weekend at aisheth's farm in Brittany, two weeks ago. I should probably write something about his new car at some point. It's a huge Land Rover that he got on the cheap after it survived the Newcastle (UK) to Newcastle (Australia) race. It's still covered in all manners of sponsor logos and stickers, and seems to hold together mostly thanks to duct tape and cobwebs. And because Aisheth is Aisheth, he retrofitted a super modern autoradio with an MP3 player in that car, so we could bounce around tortuous forest tracks to the tune of 70s and 80s music as we joined him on a trip to get food for the pigs.

Not that there aren't roads, mind. Forest tracks are just more fun.

Still, how I would have loved such a car as that one when in Africa.

What else? I furthered jallora's corruption education by taking her to this last weekend's Werewolf roleplaying session with my usual pack, GM'ed by unblue of the mad storytelling skills. She did very well and I'm proud of her.

As for the rest, I'm madly in love with my shiny DS Lite, and in between sitting and drinking I commonly spend a lot of time trying to keep my brain from melting along with the rest of me. You know, Professor Something's Brain Training Program. Something like this should have no right to be so fun.

At first Jallora mocked me. A lot.

It lasted three days. Then she caved in and got her own DS. :)

Also, my dear, if sparse readership, I noticed that while you guys comment cheerfully whenever you feel like it, you rarely ever react to each other's comments. Is there any particular reason? Shyness? Not-knowing-those-guys-ness? Disinterest? Just wondering, really. :)