June 29th, 2006



So. :)

A little while ago, there came into my work inbox an error message that originated from one of our clients. I didn't mind it as such; we get a lot of those, because all it takes is a client's mailbox exceeding its quota, or a their server barfing for any reason, and there you go, an error message is returned.

Only, my eyes fell upon that server's name in the email headers, and then I just stared at it until quite sure I had read it correctly.

Those guys, a large publishing company, own a server called, I kid you not, 'Pony'.

As in, a pony.

I immediately voted it the best computer name ever and requested that the new laptop that is set to replace the slooow PC I currently use be named the same. Pony. I'm gonna have a pony at work! This in itself was already and without a doubt completely worthy of a LiveJournal post.

But Fate is a quirky and wicked thing, and decided that one pony wasn't enough.

Yesterday, for no reason that I can fathom as of yet, a coworker, whom I shall refer to as Gonzales, brought issarlk a pony. The small, plastic, scandalously colorful kind.

Because Issarlk is a vile anti-pony terrorist, he summarily exiled the poor thing to someone's desk on the floor below, where the polymeric equine was held captive in unknown conditions for an indeterminate length of time. As a proud defender of all things pony, I complained vehemently and outright toyed with the idea of making even worse puns than usual out loud as petty retaliation, and if you won't have the pony anyway well I will have it, thankyouverymuch.

As of this afternoon, the captors yielded, and turned in both my little war prisoner and its little plastic crown.

Victory! My brightly colored little Mandela now enjoys its newfound freedom right on MY work desk, between my phone and the writing pad on which I take notes and doodle dragons while trying to sound very professional and serious as I answer important clients from abroad.

Some digging into the Web in general and Wikipedia in particular (I swear, there is no subject that Wikipedia doesn't know about) revealed the pony's identity to be some Dibble Dabble, the painting pony. Upon which it found itself promptly re-christened Magical Bug, after that very specific sort of bug that only appears when you're demoing the product to someone but never, ever when you are tracking it down for extermination.

Plus, Magical Bug has 'magic' in it, which somehow feels somewhat important for such an outrageously colored and glittery little fellow.

And given that the thing has a pretty strong magnet in lieu of a horseshoe at the bottom of one of its paws, this name might also turn out to be wonderfully suitable should people try to kidnap it again and set it anywhere too close to their own computer. :)