June 2nd, 2006


Further Gay.

I am a bit nonplussed that not a single straight male took part in my silly little "I'm so fucking gay" meme, when they are its primary intended audience.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear enough that it had nothing to do with sexual orientation? Really, it was all about the omnipresent (and more than a bit puritanical) expectation of self-repression in males that seems to pervade many western (and non-western) cultures to this day. You know. "You'll be a man, my son."

So, right. Screw self-repression. This brings tears to my eyes.

I am not going to rant further about this, though, because I am not very eloquent; the tone and the words to express the importance of this escape me. But please take five minutes to watch this, and tell me, tell me it's not okay to be at peace with your inner emotional world. I dare you.

(Linked obtained from circuit_four -- thank you so much for posting it!)