May 26th, 2006


Epilogue - To The Good Friends.


So ptitlutin is up around here in the northern parts of France these days, and that was a good pretext to meet up in Paris on Wednesday evening with him, dussydelf, and a handful of others from my engineering school.

It'd been a good half decade since I last saw some of them. So food, beer, and a lot of talkage were had. Ourselves, what we've been up to... Our jobs, and how it sucks to be a computer person. Various horror stories worthy of the Daily WTF. Good clean geeky fun.

It was good to see them all. In many ways, they've not changed; we do the same things, and we play the same games, and we connect on the same level still. I like those guys.

And yet... over the course of the evening, talking with them, my friends and peers, I began feeling old and strange and very, very much alive at the realization of how far I've gone and how much I've done, which I had long taken for granted. So my path in life has been tortuous, an odd and meandering one.

And you know... Perhaps that's a good thing, in the end.

It should, at least, help postpone midlife crisis by a few years.

(And brownie points to the first one to figure out what this entry's title refers to.)

"This is fucking gay."

Okay, so apparently, in the modern, enlightened, civilized world that is our own, it has become customary to refer to all manners of things as "gay" as a generic derogative term -- you know, the kind that generally grants the speaker a brief feeling of contextual superiority.

As in, "This movie is so gay", or "Kingdom Hearts? Dude, that game is GAY!" or "What kind of gay idea is that?"

All those being -- color me surprised -- mostly uttered by the very sort of emotionally constipated male teens (not necessarily of age 10-19) that also uses words such as 'emo', talks very loud when among its peers, and just plain completely freaks out at the merest suggestion that -- like over 90% of people out there -- they might actually not be a Kinsey 0. *audience gasps*

So, because I'm a contrary mind with a queer (ah, ah) sense of humor, and today I'm in the mood to kick the anthill, I give you:


10. I draw mythical creatures on my notes during phone calls with important clients.
9. Beautiful things make me cry.
8. At my parents' house, there is an old toy chest where I've got more My Little Ponies than YOU do.
7. I know stuff about horses and can name several races of ponies from sight. (Yay! Ponies!)
6. I am inordinately affectionate and will commonly spend hours cuddling with my loved ones.
5. I've read the Neverending Story. Several times. Many, many times.
4. I am an unashamed fan of that guy in the local equivalent of American Idol, Christophe Willem. Plus he's cute.
3. I liked Titanic.
2. I own plushies. Lots of plushies.


1. I make my own "top ten" lists on LJ. How gay is that?

Your turn now. How gay are YOU? Make me proud!