May 23rd, 2006



kelfstein tagged me, and that was nice of him, so here's a meme.

I have to list 6 things about myself and tag 6 others.

1. In my dreams, I usually have the power to fly -- the only condition is that I manage to remember that I can. Which is harder than you'd think.

2. I am affectionate beyond telling. I routinely spend hours on end cuddling with those I like.

3. I was once mistaken for an actor by a journalist.

4. With one single (and bothersome) exception, I can name every last horse I've ever ridden.

5. I once ended up spending what was threatening to be the worst Valentine's Day ever -- badly heartbroken, alone, and in a serious depression -- having dinner with a beautiful blond actress.

6. As a newborn, I got deathly sick, and couldn't keep any food down. It cleared eventually while I was at the hospital. The doctors could never tell why for certain. But I've remained a little weak of stomach to this day.

I'll let the first six persons to post a comment consider themselves tagged, if they so desire. I don't wish to risk picking uninterested people and burdening them with memeage, nor missing people who would have been interested and making them feel bad in the process.