May 21st, 2006


With one mere drop of the Waters of Life...

I know it's probably not even worth putting it in words, but I'm doing fine.

As predicted, two nights of sleep sufficed to quench my last bit of bleh. That, and a few nice things.

1) I've been rereading the Neverending Story. The bliss is immense.

2) Perhaps consequentially, I've unearthed an old writing project that had been lying dead for several years. I went to bed at about 3am every night this week, but I've made good progress. I think I'm probably only a few pages from done now.

3) Wednesday was... Well. I don't know how it works in other countries; over here, most days of the calendar are dedicated to a particular saint, and Wednesday was the saint named like me. In some families, this is treated like a micro-birthday, which is good because I like birthdays regardless of their size. And jallora got me the perfect gift: a book on drawing. On drawing dragons. This is so appropriate that I've been bouncing (and drawing dragons) ever since. Yay!

That's all for now. My thoughts go out to those of you that haven't been as fortunate as me lately. You know who you are. I'm thinking of you guys a lot.


Oh, I've had a bit of dream last night that was so meaningful, in a wicked but amusing sort of way.

I was reading the manual for a tabletop RPG; its setting was in the real world, and it dealt with events that I had personally taken part in, IRL.

Which meant that I had a spot in that RPG as a non-playing character, with a few paragraphs describing me. Which is very cool in itself; up until the moment you begin to read the text in question:

"[My RL name] is a tall, ugly engineer..."

... Right.

I can see with damn good precision why I'd be having major second thoughts about my attractiveness lately, but, sheesh... Thank you, brain. Couldn't you have thought up stuff about dragons or gryphons, like normal? :P