May 15th, 2006


Life bits.

Small happy things:

Yesterday, we had a whole afternoon of playing paintball with some coworkers, plus unblue, kefen and jallora. I'm proud of her! My coworkers had invited their girls too, but only mine dared come and give it a try. She's awesome like that.

It was fun, in that "ohshitohshitohshit" sort of way most typical of the moments when you're being flanked and just about to get pummeled by a volley of sizable paint bullets. Note to self: remember to rejoice that you were born in times of peace. I would SO not survive into the second day of a real war. Anyway; we came back home tired, wet, muddy and generally paint-splashed in various ways, and consequently spent the evening doing not much at all beside curling up on the couch and chatting.

kefen and unblue arrived on Saturday evening and stayed over for the night, which was nice. They're good people to hang out with, and talk, and play games. And cuddle. Because there's no such thing as too much cuddling.

Lone Fox (of the oddly named unblue LJ) and I played some Rogue Squadron 3 -- ah, the geeky Star Wars goodness! -- well into the night. Kef and Jall were tired, and went to bed early. Since Lone Fox and I were still playing, they went together into the bedroom, so when Lone Fox and I went to sleep also, we shared the couch for the night. It may not seem much, but in some small way, that such a thing could happen so easily pleases me warmly: there is a level of trust and comfort and emotional serenity involved there which is, I think, not present in that many relationships. It is probably something to be grateful for, and possibly a (much needed) clue that I've been doing something well.

Lastly, dussydelf arrived at the company today! It is good to see her. I hope you'll get settled nicely and enjoy your work, gal. :)

I don't even remember when was the last time I saw Delf IRL -- probably at our graduation ceremony, that took place a bit under half a decade ago at the Arts & Métiers Museum in Paris, right underneath this biomechanical wonder: one of the earliest planes in the world. Yes, that thing flew (a little). We should so return to that style of engineering. I like to imagine small personal flying machines designed in that spirit: in some obscurely whimsical way, I feel it would make for a better future than the long promised flying cars.