March 23rd, 2006


Busy, busy, busybusybusy, argh...

I've not seriously updated this thing in ages, I realize. Not that I like things to say, though, between life updates and work gripes (sigh...) and geeky stuff and personal thoughts and, eek, artsy memeage. I just lack the time/energy.

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Now I'm back to work, and it's life as usual.

The weather is at LAST warming up a little as of today. I thought winter would never end.

I'm not doing bad, all in all, beside car woes and lots of work.

I did realize, though, that I've gone way out of touch with you lot. I don't know how that came to happen, but I'm unhappy about that. Things have been happening to you, things have made you happy, things have been having you concerned, you've had some pretty and you've had some grey, and I simply wasn't there. So... Please tell me about yourselves? How have you all been? :) Thanks! ♥