January 15th, 2006


The Zen of waterfalls.

In another instance of the sort of timely coincidences that routinely spice up my life, I came across this this morning:

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It got me thinking.

There's something of a koan in there.

I think we all feel like the bear in this sooner or later, but I want to assert that, even though the bird words it like shit (for comedic value), he's essentially right in what he does and says. He could have stayed. And it would have done no good at all to anyone.

There's a moral to that story, but perhaps it's not what you might think at first. The moral is, you should NOT, ever, say, imply or think 'forever' when you're sitting on a raft.

The Zen of it is that sitting on rafts is what's more commonly referred to as 'life'. Which is okay. It makes the singing sweeter, in a way.

I made the mistake of thinking in terms of forever and now find it hard to rejoice for what I truly had, in the face of what I won't have anymore. It's my mistake, and mine to live with.

Otherwise, I went to wander into the forest for a while this afternoon. It felt nice. I'm not doing too bad; just a bit cold, but I'll get better.